EZ Muzzle Instructions

Loosen by pulling A to create the EZ MuzzleTM loop

Stand behind the animal and loop over the snout. Make sure to position A on the front part of the snout for maximum efficacy and animal safety

     Tighten A by pulling B + C. Make sure to pull back and up, not sideways. A should be on the front 1/3 of the animal’s snout

        Clip the buckle ends together. Tighten by holding the buckle and pulling and/or C until the animal’s mouth can only open about 5 mm. 
        Do not over tighten.

          Undo the buckle to remove the EZ MuzzleTM. Keep in mind that the buckle will not loosen unless it is unclipped and the cam button of each buckle end is depressed to disengage the strap. 

            To loosen either the male or female buckle ends of the EZ MuzzleTM; use your dominant hand's thumb to depress the cam button, with your pointer finger pull the back of the top of the buckle while your middle finger provides counter tension against the pressure of your thumb. Angle the buckle parallel to the strap and push the buckle while depressing the cam button. The more parallel the strap is to the buckle, the easier it will be to slide the webbing through it. If the strap is perpendicular to the buckle, it will not loosen.
            - Do not over tighten, animal injury and asphyxiation can occur!
            - Temporary use only!
            - Never leave a muzzled animal unattended!
            Hand wash cold, air dry