Dog Bite FAQS

  • Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality 2010 study showed
    • average cost of a dog bite-related emergency room visit was $18,500

  • Hub International study of 4,500 workers compensation claims at veterinary practices from 2002 to 2004 indicated
    • 90% of injuries were from bites, 43% from dogs
    • 77% were on the arms and hands
    • only 47% of animals with aggressive or fearful signs were muzzled

  • National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians Injury prevention study in 2006 reported
    • 3-18% of dog bites became infected
    • average loss from workers compensation dog related injuries was $1,500


The EZ Muzzle can decrease the likelihood of a dog bite by allowing you to muzzle a dog without having to get too close to it's mouth as compared to standard floppy nylon dog muzzles. The majority of nylon dog muzzles have collapsable non reinforced webbing straps and require you to get your fingers and hands within snapping range, unlike the EZ Muzzle.



The patented EZ Muzzle's with its semi-rigid straps allow you to hold the muzzle suspended in front of the dog and loop it around the snout all in one fluid motion while keeping a comfortable distance between the dog's mouth and your hands.