The EZ Muzzle for Use By Veterinary and Animal Professionals

Muzzle a dog without having to get too close to its mouth! 


  • The EZ MuzzleTM is a temporary restraint ideal for training, grooming, and medical procedures.
  • Its revolutionary patent pending design minimizes the danger of a dog bite while also lessens the stress your dog goes through when a muzzle is put on. 
  • Its semi-rigid strap allows you to suspend the EZ MuzzleTM in front of the dog's snout and maximize the distance between your hands and the dog's mouth.
  • Just loop the strap over the muzzle, clip and tighten the buckle behind the dog's neck and you now have an effective means of restraint. Its quick-release buckle allows for simple and easy placement and removal.

Take the guesswork out selecting the correct size!

  • Just three convenient EZ MuzzleTM sizes. The patent pending adjustable design fits the majority of dog snouts.
  • The coated textured nylon body and strong nylon webbing are both durable and tough, and the EZ MuzzleTM can be washed in cold water.
  • The EZ MuzzleTM is for temporary use only. No animal should be left unattended with it in place.
  • To avoid animal injury/asphyxiation, The EZ MuzzleTM should never be over tightened when placed around the dog's neck. 
  • 1 year warranty with proof of purchase.
  • Proudly made in the USA.